The book

The Scientific Spirit of American Humanism by Stephen P. Weldon will be published in October of 2020 by Johns Hopkins University Press. You can find it through Johns Hopkins University Press (with a 30% discount using discount code HTWN), Barnes and Noble, or Amazon. Contact the author at stephenpweldon [at] ou . edu.

You can find a 3-minute summary of the book here.

Table of Contents

Introduction. The Scientific Spirit of American Humanism
Chapter 1. Liberal Christianity and the Frontiers of American Belief
Chapter 2. The Birth of Religious Humanism
Chapter 3. Manifesto for an Age of Science
Chapter 4. Philosophers in the Pulpit
Chapter 5. Humanists at War
Chapter 6. Scientists on the World Stage
Chapter 7. Eugenics and the Question of Race
Chapter 8. Inside the Humanist Counterculture
Chapter 9. Skeptics in the Age of Aquarius
Chapter 10. The Fundamentalist Challenge
Chapter 11. Battling Creationism and Christian Pseudoscience
Chapter 12. The Humanist Ethos of Science in Modern America
Epilogue. Science and Millennial Humanism
Archival Sources and Personal Papers
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