Do you know what Isaac Asimov, Harry Houdini, and Carl Sagan all have in common?

Different as they may appear, all three influential figures believed in the power of science as an explanatory and spiritual tool and had faith in the humans that wielded it. Additionally, they felt strongly enough about these beliefs to be at least tangentially involved with the movement that serves as this project’s primary focus–modern American humanism.

This website is intended as a tool for both hobbyists and scholars interested in exploring the history of American humanism. Through its pages, you will find many tools and resources at your disposal aimed at helping cement your understanding of the people, institutions and concepts that brought the movement into being and continue to help frame its intellectual scope and real-world influence.

This project is part of a much larger one that is centered around the research of Dr. Stephen Weldon, whose upcoming book–The Scientific Spirit of American Humanism–covers the development of a changing group of intellectuals and scientists over the 20th century. The story traces the ideological and religious concerns related to the way that American Humanists have thought about science and concludes by providing readers with an understanding not only of the humanist movement in America, but also of the ways in which science and religion have been and continue to be deeply intertwined.

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