This website is a companion to my book, The Scientific Spirit of American Humanism.

You can explore humanism through the people, works, and institutions that were part of this movement using the database that I created while writing the book.

The book tells the story of a small but influential group of 20th-century public intellectuals, mostly liberal ministers, scientists, philosophers, and liberal activists. Throughout their history, humanists have valorized science and linked it closely with democratic ideals. You can read more about the humanist movement here.

You can find my book through Johns Hopkins University Press, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon. You can contact the author at stephenpweldon [at] ou . edu.


I want to thank Aja B. Tolman and Caitlin Beasley for their research and thoughtful ideas that helped make this website possible and to the History of Science Department at OU for the funds that enabled me to hire them. I must especially thank Caitlin for all the work that she did in coding the database.